The human body can be considered to be an energy storing and converting device.

The body runs on 3.6 watts and relies on chemical interactions to generate mobility and mental agility. The body is impaired or handicapped by non-optimal compounds such as toxins.

These toxins interfere with the bodies natural ability to conduct its operations in a pro-survival manner.



Imbibed foodstuffs and liquids leave some residue in the body.

This is normally stored in the fatty layer just below the skin.

Toxins and heavy metal residues are also stored in the same manner and affect the body once they are returned to the circulatory system under certain catabolic conditions. For example, imbibed garlic and alcoholic beverages are evident by smell after several hours on the skin.

Absorbatox® passes through the gastrointestinal tract and attracts and holds onto and binds the ions of these toxins at a molecular level. This is referred to as “ adsorption “. Absorbatox® does not enter the bloodstream, is not absorbed by the GIT and remains inert. It can be said that Absorbatox® is non-invasive..

How does Absorbatox® work?

It must be remembered that toxins normally enter the body through three apertures:

(a) Mouth

(b) Nose

(c) Skin

This means that the human body is constantly susceptible to the ingress of these toxins whether we like it or not. It is in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Coupled to this is the body’s natural propensity to store excess energy in the form of fat just under the skin.

Unfortunately everything we imbibe and have imbibed leaves a residue which is also caught up in this fatty layer.

Under certain conditions, which occur almost daily, these residue substances re-enter our blood stream and we are once again subjected to these toxins.

These toxins also act as a stimulant.

How exactly will Absorbatox® remove these harmful agents?

Absorbatox® makes use of the GIT (Gastro Interinal Tract) as a flushing and detoxing device.

As the Absorbatox® moves down the GIT, it attracts to itself (adsorbs) and holds within its own molecular structure, these toxins, nitrates, and heavy metals.

One must remember that the internal surface area of the small intestine is equal to approximately two rugby fields.

These areas are thus cleaned of the toxins and excreted from the body in a normal manner. The body, which wants to maintain equilibrium throughout, then via normal blood circulation, re-deposits these toxins along the surface of the GIT.

Unfortunately everything we imbibe and have imbibed leaves a residue which is also caught up in this fatty layer.

The next Absorbatox® dosage then flushes these re-deposited toxins from the body again.

How long should one then use Absorbatox® for?

While there is a detoxing period during which time one will take increased amounts of Absorbatox® so as to cleanse the body, it must never be forgotten that there is a constant stream of new toxins into the body. Obviously, not all people are equally “toxic” and the detox period will differ for each person.

Various users have commented on other improvements not mentioned. How is this possible?

One must remember that Absorbatox® simply adsorbs toxins, nitrates and heavy metals. Once these items are removed, the body is no longer handicapped and can once again begin to repair itself. The body has a unique ability to repair itself once it is unimpaired by foreign substances. Hence, these other results.

How safe is Absorbatox®?

Absorbatox® is safe.

We must remember that Absorbatox does not enter the bloodstream, kidneys or liver. It remains only in the GIT, it, therefore, cannot bring about any condition or sensation. It is this action which is totally unique to Absorbatox.